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UK manufacturer of high quality tooling board products

We manufacture and stock high-specification tooling board and block products at our UK base, as well as providing bespoke formulations for modelling and engineering composites to specific customer requirements. 

All of our polyurethane, epoxy and hybrid polymer tooling, prototyping and styling board and block products are made with our customers’ exacting needs in mind, both in terms of technical performance and speed of delivery. 

We have particular expertise in providing:

  • Innovative chemical formulation of high-performance polyurethane, epoxy, hybrid and other thermoset materials.
  • High-heat-resistant epoxy materials with low coefficient of expansion.
  • Net-sized contour blocks and blanks that reduce waste, cost and refinishing time.
  • A broad range of high-quality, low-dust products suitable for model, mould and tool-making applications.

We firmly believe that our close co-operation with customers leads to time and cost efficiencies for all parties. Our ability to give expert advice, share practical knowledge and deliver a complete customer-focused service from our UK manufacturing, storage and distribution base puts us in the running as one of the UK’s most dedicated, competent and dynamic polymer tooling board and block specialists.

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Our stock products include:

•  Polyurethane (including grades derived from a renewable, vegetable-based origin)

•  Fast-Cast Resins

•  Epoxy

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