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Tooling boards for the aerospace, marine, rail and automotive industries

With over 30 years of epoxy and polyurethane experience, dealing with customers operating in dynamic, precision-critical industries, we fully appreciate the exacting standards that we have to attain with our products. 

Customers in certain industries sometimes have very specific requirements, involving a bespoke approach to the chemistry, research and testing that their projects demand.

Aerospace – we have developed state-of-the-art composite products that deliver long-term reliability and performance in a world where design or materials failure could have catastrophic consequences. For this reason, Ru-Bix boards, together with ancillary materials are strictly controlled during the manufacturing stage, ensuring that customers receive no batch-to-batch variations. Whether it be for resin transfer moulding, prepreg applications or fast-cast resins, quality and reliability are the key features of our product line.

Automotive – organisations here usually require excellent surface quality and finish, so we have developed a range of medium and highly density, micro-particle materials for use in the design and prototyping processes within the automotive industry. 

Marine – extreme environmental conditions call for resistant epoxy and polyurethane products that meet very high mechanical performance standards. We also produce a variety of low viscosity materials for use in vacuum infusion applications, ensuring efficient wetting out, a great advantage when manufacturing large or complex parts.

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Tooling boards for the foundry and signage industries.

Foundry and Signage Industries.

Ru-Bix tooling board and block products can be used for various applications from design, prototyping and mock-up phases, to final part production. For many cross-industry applications, we have developed a wide range of products designed to demonstrate measurable degrees of properties such as:

•  Excellent mechanical strength

•  Very fine grain size

•  High dimensional stability

•  Resistance to high temperatures and extreme environmental     conditions

•  Long-term reliability and performance

•  Excellent surface quality and finish.

This flexibility, and our UK manufacturing base, puts us in the perfect position to provide fast and highly cost-effective styling and prototyping solutions for organisations operating in many demanding marketplaces.

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