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bespoKe tooling board products

Bespoke products and fast-cast resins

As part of our technical service ethos, we aim to provide customers with a bespoke tooling board and block service quite unlike any other. 

Custom-made tooling blocks of any shape, size, colour or grade can be provided at very competitive prices, using the latest near-net-shape casting. This ensures that customers get the benefit of rapid shaping, with reduced cost and minimum waste. 

Being UK-based, with a dynamic and technically-competent service team, we can provide rapid answers to all types of tooling and prototyping material issues. 

In addition to perfectly-finished boards and blocks, we also make a series of fast-cast resins which have been formulated to provide easy mixing, generous and varied gel times, and rapid cure times. The range also includes products suitable for Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM) applications.

Email us now to arrange for a bespoke test sample, provided to established UK businesses free-of-charge.

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