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About Ru-Bix Tooling Board

Ru-Bix is a British manufacturer of tooling board products, specialising in the use of polyurethane, epoxy and hybrid polymer science for prototyping and modelling purposes. 

We formulate and manufacture high-performance, technically advanced products suitable for demanding engineering applications, supplying the automotive, aerospace, marine, rail, foundry, model and signage industries. 

Our knowledge base and credentials are second to none, with world-renowned expertise on-tap to deliver innovative, sometimes unique, solutions for organisations that need to be the best in their business. 

As a small, dynamic team, we live and breathe everything revolving around the fast, efficient delivery of our first-class products – from consultation, research and innovative chemistry, to bespoke development, design, production, testing, product stockpiling, customer service and support – all provided from our UK base. 

We see ourselves as collaborators, rather than simply suppliers. Our future is dependent on our customers’ exceptional success in using our prototyping products in their various mission-critical processes. 

Total, wrap-around service is the only way we know.

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Ru-Bix: The dynamic new player
with an enviable pedigree.

Ru-Bix Tooling Board was the brain-child of company chairman, Dr. Barrie Colvin. Following an illustrious career and life-long interest in high-performance polymers and, particularly, how they might be used in state-of-the-art engineering applications, Barrie is now at the centre of tooling board and allied chemical developments.

Working within the applied thermosets industry for over 40 years, and with a doctorate in polymer chemistry, he has supplied bespoke, isocyanate-based products to diverse markets throughout the world, successfully combining innovative chemistry and industry know-how, with unparalleled levels of customer service. His company, IFS Chemicals, was acquired by Huntsman Polyurethanes in 2017.

The same proven approach, emphasising high quality, innovation and unparalleled levels of customer service, is now being applied to the tooling board industry, to provide UK engineers with the best possible products for their challenging prototyping and modelling needs, cost-effectively turning innovative polymer chemistry into leading-edge products for a host of commercial engineering applications. 

In addition to our bespoke development for specific customer projects, our focus is to continue developing and stock-holding a complete range of industry-leading tooling boards for our customers, mindful of advancing technologies and evolving applications. This includes the formulation and manufacture of a large density range in each of the polymer types. 

Emphasis will always be placed on quality, with no imperfections and close dimensional tolerances, ensuring that every one of our customers receives a product that is ideally suited to the intended application, delivered rapidly and at a competitive price. 

Dr. Barrie Colvin B.Sc.(Hons), PhD., A.P.R.I.

Dr. Barrie Colvin B.Sc.(Hons), PhD., A.P.R.I.